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Every skin type is different. Everyone has their own specific concerns, needs and priorities.
With our test you can define your skin profile and consult our recommendations on how can you improve your skin appearance.

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What's in the profile?

As we get older, the nature of our skin changes as collagen and elastin production slows. But, when it comes to taking action, everyone’s skin is different.

Your priorities may differ too. Do you want a more radiant complexion or improved facial contours? Or do you simply want to boost your collagen against aging?

With our test, you can determine the collagen content of your skin and choose your skin goals. The test results will create your collagen skin profile. This helps an aesthetic physician to understand what you need. They can then give you tailored advice about the right biostimulating treatments for you.

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Is the Collagen Skin Test reliable?

Absolutely. The test is carefully designed by professionals in the aesthetic medicine sector.

The questions are very specific about your needs and goals in terms of skin quality. Your answers create your very own collagen skin profile, based on scientific knowledge about collagen and its effects on the skin.

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Why are there different
Collagen Profiles?

The quality of your skin and collagen levels decrease as you age. Your genes can partly determine how quickly, and to what extent, the quality of your skin changes. But, external factors, such as your lifestyle, also play a role.

Also, every skin is different, and everyone has their own specific concerns, needs and priorities. That’s why we developed 4 collagen skin profiles:

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  • merz radiesse campaign overzicht refresh


  • merz radiesse campaign overzicht refine


  • merz radiesse campaign overzicht regenerate


With our collagen skin test, you will discover what your profile is. This way, your aesthetic physician will better understand your wishes and expectations — and the results you’re looking for. It will help them to put together a customized biostimulating treatment.

The more precise the assessment, the better the treatment can be tailored to your needs — and the more the results will meet your treatment plan and expectations..

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Already know your collagen skin profile?

If you’ve taken our test and have your Collagen Skin Profile, then you know what your skin needs. Are you considering a special aesthetic treatment? You have everything you need to talk it through with your aesthetic physician:

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RADIESSE® is a regenerative biostimulator. That is, it can repair damaged skin tissue. The formula consists of calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres in a gel. These are broken down by the body over time to make way for the new network of collagen and elastin. The unique composition and technology are tailored to the specific needs of your skin.

It is a versatile, scientifically proven, safe and personalized aesthetic treatment. RADIESSE® can help reduce wrinkles and fine lines in both the short and long term and stimulates new collagen and elastin.


Beneficial effects

RADIESSE® promotes effective skin regeneration from within, while providing an immediate lifting effect and more defined contours. It stimulates collagen and elastin for long-term improvement in skin quality, but also provides an instant vertical lifting effect. This gives you more defined contours in the lower part of
the face and jawline. The treatment remains visible for 12-18 months or more.


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Discover the power of skin regeneration

Consult with your aesthetic physician about the needs and goals you have determined for your skin. Together, you will find a tailor-made treatment that will give you the natural and radiant results you deserve.